Sunday, November 16

Tis the season

The Christmas Season has started.
Tis the time of Gingerbread Houses,
and advent calenders,
Hot roasted chestnuts and caramalised almonds,
of Christmas markets filled with an aray of georgeous crafts and delicacies,
the drifting scent of spiced mulled wine and cider
and the sugary cinamon infusion of cookies.
The crispness in the air with the promise of a white christmas.
Of dreams and fantasies from children.
Of time spent with families and friends.
And makes living in Austria feel like something wonderful and special.


Anonymous said...

I wish, just wish, someone had made me one of those when I was a child.

Mim said...

Gingerbread house making is in my diary for the week before Christmas and the first batch of fruit mince pies was cooked last night. The kids have been singing Christmas songs for a couple of weeks now, I love this time of year :)