Monday, December 1

goodbye until March

I´m sorry. I am too busy. With christmas markets and advent calenders and packing suitcases and building snow men and getting the children dressed and undressed numerous times each day and christmas performances and christmas theatre and finishing off the last of the house that gets done before winter break and sick brother in laws in hospital which means driving mother-in-law around. So my ideas haven´t been written (well not many anyway as I have been panicking about not getting everything done).

Thursday I have a babysitter so I can go to the city to go shopping (half an hour away into the big smoke)
Friday comes Nicholaus
Friday is Nicholaus Gymnastics
Saturday comes the neighbourhood Nicholaus
Sunday to see Peter and the Wolf
Monday is a public holiday
Tuesday is christmas cookie making with the children and friends
Wednesday is christmas tree cutting with the kindergarten children then back to put up our own christmas tree
Wednesday until Saturday we are going away so the girls can see their father before we fly out
Sunday has Herzie her birthday party
Monday is birthday party in kindergarten (cake number 3 to be made)....................................
Then Christmas and then we fly back to Australia for 2 1/2 months.

So I say goodbye and Merry Christmas as I have no time before I fly, and in Australia I won´t have any internet access. Back in March.


Iris Flavia said...

Wishing you a lot of fun :-)

Julie said...

HI Ingrid

WOW you sure are busy!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and have loads of fun back in Australia. Will miss reading your posts, but I am really too busy to be reading anything, I have a million things to do.

Take care, happy holidays and a safe journey home.... Julie X

Mim said...

Merry Christmas Ingrid!

Melody said...

Wow. What a post... and you'll be back before we all know it!

Ariane said...

Merry Christmas - enjoy your Australian sojourn!

Any chance you could enable RSS when you get back? I keep missing your posts! :)

Blue in Green said...

Its a pity that all the things you wish you had or life you wished you were living is all vanity. Your life is so beautiful as it is. There is nothing more important and beautiful than those kids. When they grow up, the girl will become you. You will guide her and see her grow up and live a life that you wish you had.
You are such a very lovely person. Life is too short. Stop worrying and wishing you had another life. Be greatful for what you have.
God bless you.

Ariane said...

Hey Ingrid, you asked about RSS on my blog, and life got in the way and I didn't answer. It is a way of sending updates to something which understands it and letting you know whenever a website, blog or whatever is updated. I use Google Reader to manage my RSS feeds - there are lots of them, but that is my feed handler of choice.

You can enable it in the "Site Feed" tab in the settings section of your blog customising page.