Friday, December 26

My Unfortunate love affair

As any woman that enjoys life and indulges, my body weights frequently shifts..... I am still consciously trying to remove the excess of a five kg baby. Not done so seriously as I am happy with whom I am and as long as my clothes fit, there is no need to change the status quo. I must add that I did manage to lose many kilos to be able to fit into my current clothes, through weeks of sacrifice and tightness of thought and being (a sad and sorry affair that affect my personality as well). But, alas, I have succumb to the Christmas (and November. I think it was when my studies finished this semester) excess. My surviving thought was that next week I will be in Australia; warm weather, in a swimming costume all the time, oodles of fruit and healthy foods, no car so we will be walking everywhere, sweat..... The excess weight will just drip off!!!

But it was last night that I was thinking about all the experiences about Australia that I miss that I want to re-experience. Now that I can allow myself to wallow in them. It has made me realise that maybe I will need to continue to be happy with my weight as it is.

Some things I miss from Australia:
-salt and vinegar chips
-turkish delight bars
-crumpets with apricot jam
-vegetable pasties
-hot chips smothered in vinegar
-cherry ripe bars
-caramel mud cake from the cheescake shop
-vanilla slices
-mint slices
-tim tams
-strawberry tarts with crisp chocolate lining and custard
-chocolate bullets
-darrell lea licorice
-banana paddle pops
-cadburys chocolate

The list could continue. Some things are just uniquely Australian.


Iris Flavia said...

I´m SO with ya on the salt & vinegar-stuff!

At subway you can get Salt & Vinegar crisps from Walkers - or online from Walkers.

I so miss Pies, too, have one on my behalf please :-)

Ariane said...

Hey Ingrid, are you still getting email updates from this blog? I'd like to drop you an email if you are still about at all.

If you get this, my email is ariane with domain m8s dot org

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